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How much will a motor Scooter cost to run?
A typical scooter consumes between 55% and 81% less fuel than a car for the same journey. A 125CC scooter will typically cost under 10 pence per mile to run.

What does de-restriction mean?
A 50CC scooter comes from the factory restricted to 30 mph. If you are 17 or over with a full bike license or CBT test, you can have the scooter de-restricted. The restrictors on the scooter are taken out; the scooter is no longer classified as a moped. It will usually go 10-20mph faster. You will need to inform relevant parties of any such modifications.

Where can I get parts?
We carry all parts in constant stock. You can order them over the phone.

How can I pay for my motor scooter?
We accept all major credit cards, cheques, postal orders or bank transfer.

Do I need to carry out any tests on my gas scooter?
Your scooter is supplied separately with a CE certificate. It is EEC, EPA, DOT tested and approved. The DVLA can inspect and test vehicles at their discretion.

Can I store a helmet in the ZNEN Motor Scooter?
Yes you can store most open face helmets under the seat– the storage on all our motor scooters is lockable.

How do I keep my sport scooter safe?
Lock it to an immovable object whether at home or when out, so thieves can't pick it up. Consider security tagging your bike and fitting an alarm.

What kind of lock do I need?
Disc locks secure onto the front or rear brake disc making it impossible to ride the motor scooter. However, if you forget to unlock it, you may damage your scooter when you try to ride off.
Chain locks come in different strengths and sizes. They can be used around a wheel to secure your bike to an immovable object and prevent it being lifted.

What about insurance?
You need at least third party insurance to ride a motor scooter and it is your responsibility to take out cover:
1. Third Party is the cheapest as you're only covered for injuries or damage you do to others or their property.
2. Fire and Theft covers your bike being set on fire or stolen.
3. Fully Comprehensive is the most expensive option but covers repairs to your bike after an accident even if no other parties were involved.

How do I get my license plate number?
You will receive your license plate number once registration is complete.

Do I need to tax my motor scooter?
Yes, you will need to purchase road tax. Ask at your Post Office.

Do I need to service my scooter?
Yes, for continued use and safety regular servicing is required by an approved dealer; 300km / 3 months for first service, 1000km / 6 months for second service & every 3000km / 6 months subsequently.

Where can I service my scooter?
We have many approved dealers throughout the world. Details of your local approved dealer are supplied to existing customers upon request.

Where can I park?
You can park in a designated bike park, in a car park with space set aside for bikes and on a public road, subject to the same rules and restrictions as cars. You can't park on the pavement or in bus lanes.
Bike parks are usually free, as are some residents' and Pay and Display bays.

Do I need to wear leathers?
Falling off a scooter at 50mph is the same as falling from a bike at the same speed. Always wear protective clothing.

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