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    Indulge yourself with the best performance!
    The deep sound of the engine is the lion’s roar. Sports Series Scooter is tough enough to be the best choice for your pursuit of dynamic performance. Don’t envy strong drivers and rapid speed on the race track, Sports Series Scooter will be your confidence. As a master of scooter, what you seek is the integration of you and the vehicle. The considerate design of Sports Series Scooter assimilating air flow principle with fluent appearance gives you the best enjoyment of performance!
    1. Sports Series Scooter (S Zoom.s)
      Model: ZN125T-18A
      Specification: 01) Appearance Dimensions: 2145 x 730 x 1235
      02) Net Weight: 119kg
      03) Max Load: 150kg
      04) Max Speed: 100km/h
    1. Sports Series Scooter (S Zoom)
      Name: S Zoom
      Patent: ZL200630110904.6
      Certificate: EEC/DOT/EPA
      Model: ZN125T-18
      Specification: 01) Appearance Dimensions: 2145 x 730 x 1235...

    1. Sports Series Scooter (S King)
      Model: ZN125T-19
      Specification: 01) Appearance Dimensions: 2065 x 665 x 1175
      02) Net Weight: 118kg
      03) Max Load: 150kg
      04) Max Speed: 85km/h
      05) Displacement: 124.6ml ...

    1. Sports Series Scooter (S Storm)
      Model: ZN150-6
      Specification: 01) Appearance Dimensions: 2225 x 825 x 1170
      02) Net Weight: 150kg
      03) Max Load: 150kg
      04) Max Speed: 80km/h. ..

ZNEN GROUP (Zhejiang Zhongneng Industry Group CO.,LTD.) is one of the largest manufactures of automobiles, motorcycles and motor scooters in China. Established in 1996, the Group has maintained rapidly sustained and stable development for 12 years. The products have been enriched from the monotonous model to multiple specifications, which have constructed the unique product structure dominated by "ZNEN Motor", "ZNEN Auto", "FOSTI Motor", "Benneng Generator" and "Anchi Auto" ...